Best 2014 Movies

Best 2014 Movies

– The Most Anticipated Ones
It’s now time for us to check out the best 2014 movies. It’s kind of hard to say what really the best are so let’s just based it on the most anticipated ones. These selections are from my personal choice and some observations.

The Most Anticipated Movies in 2014

Iron Man 3

Superhero films cannot be removed from Hollywood. After joining forces with The Avengers last year, Iron Man will go solo again in the part 3 of his movie. A lot of movie fans are awaiting for Iron Man’s come back. Let’s see how this technological genius and hero entertain us once more. best 2014 movies !

Best movies 2013 ,After his superhero movie Green Lantern, Ryan Reynolds comes back this year. But this time, his movie is made from a graphic novel. R.I.P.D. is based on Peter M. Lenkov’s story of a recently killed cop (Reynolds), who is joining a team of alive police officers who are working for the R.I.P.D. (Rest in Peace Department). These undead officers are trying to find who murdered the slain cop.


Tom Cruise might be getting old already and he might not be that hot to teens out there anymore. However, Oblivion is still one of the most anticipated movies of this year.

Why? Well, because it is sci-fi, an original movie, and it is from Joseph Kosinski, the one who gave us TRON. The story of this movie is about a former soldier who is “the last man standing” after a war with aliens. He will meet another lone survivor, who will be a woman whom he will fall in love with.
Best 2013 Movies.

Directed by the famous Steven Spielberg and scripted by Drew Goddard, Robopacalypse is going to be awesome! The story is based on Daniel H. Wilson’s novel. This story is already a vital favourite. It is described as the new century’s Andromeda Strain.

Find tickets to the TOP SHOWS.The Hobbit: There and Back Again

The first half of The Hobbit made it in 2012 and surely, those who watched it is anticipating this second half. Best 2013 Movies,This movie will attract those who missed the Lord of the Rings types of movies one more time. Unlike LOTR however, The Hobbit is a lot shorter so fans don’t have to wait for decades just to see the next part of the story. Elysium

Best 2014 Movies

So what’s this movie all about? Best 2013 movies Well, I don’t have any idea either. What I only know is that, Matt Damon, William Fichtner, Jodie Foster, Sharlto Copley, and Neill Blomkamp are all in there. Find the Best Concert Tickets, Shows. gets you in! But you know what, this is what makes this movie different compared to other films out there. The problem with some movies today is that, they are too popular that we already know what the story is all about before even watching them. To be honest, I like being surprised most of the time. I don’t really like to have any idea about the movie first before watching it. I like to learn those details while I am watching. Anyway, let’s just wait and check out what this film got.

So those are just some of the best 2014 movies that you have to see. There’s a lot more but these are just my personal selections.

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